schauraum b

A commitment from Blaser Architekten


Convinced that interdisciplinarity plays a decisive role in the generalist architecture and that the search for new aspects to understand our living space never ceases, since 2010 we have been operating the schauraum-b in our offices at the Austrasse in Basel.


The schauraum-b is a non-profit organization and functions as a place of dialogue. Exhibitions, installations and events around architecture, space and time take place here. With our commitment, we turn to a broadly interested audience, which, like the Blaser Architekten team itself, should be inspired by new content.


The 140 m2 room with its factory character of a former printing works is located at Austrasse 24 in the center of Basel and is part of the premises of Blaser Architekten AG. In the times in which he is recorded, he also serves the architecture office as an inspirational meeting place and workshop space.


c/o Blaser Architekten AG
Austrasse 24
CH-4051 Basel
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Christian W. Blaser
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