Impact of digitisation on city, space and people

What do the city, space and life of the digital future look like? How will we live there and what opportunities and dangers does the digitalization of our world hold?

Digitization is increasingly penetrating our lives. Digital controlled processes overlay the real world with virtual components. Already now - and more so in the near future - the cities, the space and our people are changing. How do the city, space and life of the digital future look like? How will we live there and what possibilities and dangers does the digitalization of our world include? The series of lectures will show various aspects and potentials of digitization with regard to their influence on the city, space and men. We highlight the current development from different point of views and turn our attention to the changes and potentials in the architectural planning process, as well as to the impact on cities and people. Together with philosophers, artists, researchers and journalists, we are looking for the limits and dangers of the influence of the virtual world on living together and our perception. In the exhibition part, we are able to experience two virtual & augmented space installations.

Augmented Reality

'Center for Fulfillment, Knowledge and Innovation'
Architekturmodell, Monitore, Microsoft HoloLens
Greg Lynn FORM, Los Angeles
Virtual Reality
Monitor, VR Brille, räumliches Positionssystem
Mensch und Maschine Schweiz AG und BIM Facility AG
BIM Building Information Modeling
fsp Architekten AG mit ERNE Holzbau AG

die Veranstaltungsreihe findet statt mit freundlicher Unterstützung von 'Mensch und Maschine Schweiz AG', 'BIM Facility AG', 'CMS Christoph Merian Stiftung', 'Savida AG', 'ArchiCAD', 'Adrian Weiss'

Veranstaltungen zu diesem Projekt

DigitalSpace No.1 26.04.2017 18:00

Thomas J. Müller, Architekt HTL, Geschäftsführer und Verwaltungsrat Mensch und Maschine Schweiz ...

DigitalSpace No.2 17.05.2017 18:00

Zvi Szir, Künstler und Theoretiker, Co-Leiter Neue Kunstschule Basel
'Digitalisierung und ...

DigitalSpace No.3 17.05.2017 18:00

Ivo Lenherr, Architekt FH, Mitinhaber fsp Architekten AG
'Digitale Praxis - Doping im ...

DigitalSpace No.4 31.05.2017 18:00

Sieglinde Geisel, Journalistin und Autorin, Berlin
'Erfundene Landschaften - Fiktive Räume ...

DigitalSpace No.5 07.06.2017 18:00

Hans-Georg Bächtold, Raumplaner, Geschäftsführer SIA
'Raumplanung und Architektur im 2. ...

DigitalSpace No.6 14.06.2017 18:00

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, Professor für Informationsarchitektur, ETH Zürich
'Die ...

DigitalSpace No.7 21.06.2017 18:00

Stefan Klauser, Computational Social Science, ETH Zürich
'Perspektiven einer digitalen ...

DigitalSpace No.8 28.06.2017 18:00

Greg Lynn, Architect, Greg Lynn Form, Professor University of Applied Arts Vienna and UCLA Los ...

DigitalSpace No.9 16.08.2017 18:00

Dr. Kaj Kolja Kleineberg, PhD in theoretical Physics, Computational Social Science, ETH Zürich

DigitalSpace No.10 23.08.2017 18:00

Karin Frick, Leiterin Research und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute ...

DigitalSpace No.11 30.08.2017 18:00

Carlo Ratti, Architect & Founding Partner Carlo Ratti Associati Turin, Director Senseable City ...

DigitalSpace No.12 06.09.2017 18:00

Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller, Forscher, Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology, ...

DigitalSpace No.13 13.09.2017 18:00

Adrian Lobe, freier Journalist, Stuttgart
'Wie das Handy den Blick auf die Stadt ...

DigitalSpace No.14 20.09.2017 18:00

Niels Boeing, Journalist und Autor, Gründer FAB-LAB, Hamburg
'Produktive Räume für die ...

DigitalSpace No.15 27.09.2017 18:00

Hans Frei, Architekt ETH und Theoretiker, Zürich
​​​​​​​'Incidental Space und ...