Dufte! No.1

31.08.2016 18:00

Andreas Wilhelm, Parfümeur und Duftexperte, Wilhelm Perfume, Zürich, Dubai
'Der Duft von Material und Raum'

ANDREAS WILHELM is perfumer and owner of Wilhelm Perfume, where he developed fragrances for small businesses, individuals and art projects of all kinds. He also works as a fine fragrance parfumer for Eurofragrance in Dubai. After his apprenticeship as a flavor and fragrance manufacturer at Givaudan in Dübendorf he worked for several years in the research, before he was trained to be a professional perfumer. Andreas Wilhelm has a distinctive odor memory and uses for his creations from a fragrance range of around 1,800 essences. He was involved in the exhibition, 'Nirvana - miraculously forms of pleasure‘ in the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur.