Form Follows Finance

How the monetary system determines architecture

Who owns our buildings and who or what determines where and how they are built? Is it effective need, utility, power, speculation or profit?

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Rebecca Geyer, Bureau Giacometti
mit Hansmartin Merz, Emil Merz AG
'Privatbesitz, Sanierung, Kündigung? - Sind wir schon so an das Schema des städtischen Wohnungsmarkts gewöhnt oder geht es auch anders?'

Format: Präsentation, Gespräch, Moderation: HyperWerk Labs

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Since time immemorial, money and space have been directly linked. Even in the early history of building, construction was associated with power. Real estate and the associated industry, represent the most powerful sector of the economy. The share of buildings in the total assets in industry, trade, as well as private individuals is enormous. The state siphons off tax revenues from real estate in various places. In addition, a lot of money from the private and financial sectors, as well as from pension funds, is invested in real estate due to negative interest rates and the high demand for investment opportunities.

The extent to which money permeates the building industry and who is affected and how are cultural-historical and at the same time future questions that need to be answered empirically.

Who owns our buildings and who or what determines where and how they are built? Is it a matter of effective demand, utility, power, speculation, or profit? Does demand determine building or is it dictated by the possibility of monetary investment and tax breaks, etc.? What is the value of space in today's world and in the world to come? On what levels does money play a role in architecture? And considering money as a form of thought, how is this reflected in the buildings created on this background?

For this project, schauraum-b is collaborating with FHNW / HGK / Institute IXDM / Process Design BA at HyperWerk.

Duration of the event series
August 24th 2022 - February 15th 2023

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