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Auditive perception of space and material

The sound of space and materials has great potential in urban/rural development and design, architecture and the choice of materials. The city and space, and thus also the material and sound, are being condensed as a result of population growth.

The sensory impressions of a city, country, space and material mainly take place visually (via sight). Conversely, tactile (via touch) and auditory (via hearing) aspects play too insignificant a role. When perceiving our environment, the two remote senses of «seeing» and «hearing» are of great importance. These two senses interact closely with each other: our memory inseparably connects the sounds we have heard with associated images we have experienced.

Spatial and material sound have great potentials in urban/rural development and design, architecture and material selection. The city and the space, and therefore the material and the sound, are becoming denser due to population growth. The series of events aims to sharpen our understanding of acoustic diversity and the acoustic qualities of places and spaces.