KlangRaum – RaumKlang

Auditive perception of space and material

The sound of space and materials has great potential in urban/rural development and design, architecture and the choice of materials. The city and space, and thus also the material and sound, are being condensed as a result of population growth.

The auditory space and material perception is an important sensory perception and contributes to the human being. Spatial- and material sound and the choice of materials have great potentials in the urban / rural development, design and architecture In order to fulfill our environment the two remote senses 'seeing' and 'hearing' are of great importance The city and the space, and therefore also the material and the sound are compressed due to population growth: therefore the auditory perception of space and material have to be are made aware.

‘KlangRaum-RaumKlang’ aims to raise understanding of acoustic diversity and acoustic qualities of places and spaces.

Sound Installation of Peter Philippe Weiss, Corporate Sound, Basel / Trond Maag, urbanID, Zürich / Ramon De Marco, Idee und Klang, Basel /  Manuela Meier, Unlaut, Basel / Schweizer Baumuster-Centrale, Zürich 

schauraum-b and Amt für Umwelt und Energie Kanton Basel Stadt

the event series takes place with the kind support of 'AUE Amt für Umwelt und Energie Kanton Basel Stadt' und 'Kvadrat soft cells'
Cooperation Partner
'Schweizer Baumuster-Centrale Zürich' and 'ZeitRäume Basel'

Credits Photo Jazzcampus
© Georg Aerni, Jazzcampus Basel