KlangRaum No.12

03.12.2015 18:00

Inès Neuhaus, Fabian Neuhaus, I. & F. Neuhaus Akustische Architektur, Nuglar, CH
'Akustische Architektur'

INÈS NEUHAUS AND FABIAN NEUHAUS lead the design and planning office I. & F. Neuhaus, Acoustic Architecture, which was founded in Austria in 2003 and today is established in Switzerland. The two person team specializes in creating indoor and outdoor spaces directly on the architecture good acoustic conditions: the composition of forms, proportions and materials. This not only makes artificial measures obsolete, but is also varied acoustically efficient and leads to more coherent overall effects. The portfolio of I. & F. Neuhaus includes basic research in the field of architecture / urban design and acoustics, as well as concepts and design solutions for various environments.