How to continue with Covid-19

What influence do we have on the emergence of pandemics and what influence do pandemics with their conditions have on our future and our spaces.

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Corona - der Abfall, der öffentliche Raum und unser Konsumverhalten

An online event of the Architekturhaus', Salzburg
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

The well-known philosopher Robert Pfaller will give a keynote speech on the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jürgen Wulff-Gegenbaur from the Waste Management Service of the City of Salzburg will contribute current figures on the volume of waste in the city of Salzburg and explain whether this has changed significantly during the pandemic. Moderated by Stefan Wally, they discuss together with Swiss architect Christian W. Blaser what changes have occurred in public space and whether there will be new planning parameters in the future.

How does the pandemic determine our behavior, our hygiene? Have perceptions and actors in public space, whether through food couriers or anti-Corona demonstrations, already shifted? Will disposable masks remain an episode or mutate into a permanent symbol of interpersonal distance or even social division?

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The current pandemic unsettles us on many levels. Financial crises, climate change, democracy and filter bubbles, Black Lives Matter and impending resource shortages. Now the fragility of the world, our individual finiteness, and the unpredictability and limited influenceability of developments become very directly perceptible. Globalization as an economic efficiency drive and the risk trade-offs of our actions are up for discussion. Digitalization is advancing by leaps and bounds. And it is precisely this that has a major impact on our mobility, our coexistence and our forms of work.

How does all this affect our space? On the city, the agglomeration and the villages? And what are the challenges and consequences for future building, e.g. for education, health, work, leisure, culture and housing?

At the same time, we are looking for and testing new forms of dialogue, mediation, exchange, teaching and learning in the series of talks.

For this project we cooperate with the HGK Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst der FHNW.

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The Pandemic Space / Working Title Pandemic Waste - The Exhibition
A project by students of the University of Kassel under the direction of Theo Deutinger.
Visitable in virtual form on our website starting in the fall.

Duration of the series of events
02 June 2021 - 08 December 2021

The event series takes place with the kind support of the 'CMS Christoph Merian Stifung' und 'Savida AG'.