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22.09.2021 18:00

Raphael Gielgen, Trendscout Future of Work Vitra AG, Weil am Rhein
'das neue Gestern im Home und oder Office?'

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RAPHAEL GIELGEN. Even among his work colleagues, some think he's crazy. His irrepressible curiosity, restless quest for explanation and desire to turn everything upside down sometimes make him uncomfortable - and when he reappears in the office after a long trip, he talks about things that sound more like virtual utopia than lived reality. He visits more than 100 companies, universities and startups a year, the world is his workplace, the future his field of research. 
He is in search of the 'source code' of the working world. He documents the findings and experiences on a 'panorama'. This is a map of the trends and patterns of a new world.

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