Design and use of public places

Who owns the public space? Who designs and who uses it? Where does public responsibility for safety, service and maintenance end and where does the personal responsibility of the users begin?

The global wave of urbanization is placing new demands on urban space and its infrastructures. Influences such as social change, digitalization and the shift from the private to the public and vice versa are also changing how cities and spaces manifest themselves and what demands are placed on them. We would like to explore how public space might develop in the future. 

Who does it belong to, anyway? Who designs it and who uses it? Where does the public responsibility for safety, service and maintenance end and where does users’ self-responsibility begin? What is the effect of the over-instrumentalization of the spaces on offer and their infrastructures – which may already be in existence? How can public places be used jointly by a wide variety of stakeholders, without conflict arising? As usual, we will explore this topic in an exhibition and in an accompanying lecture series. We have invited speakers from the fields of architecture, art, economics, sociology, history and public administration.

PublicSpace - Stencil Graffiti
Stefan Winterle, Stencil Artist & Kurator Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein
PublicSpace - Urban Photography 
Adriano A. Biondo, Fotograf & Art Director Biondopictures, Basel

The series of events takes place with the friendly support of ‚CMS Christoph Merian Stifung‘, ‚Sulger Stiftung‘, ‚Losinger Marazzi‘ und ‚MÜLLER-STEINAG ELEMENT AG‘