PublicSpace No.11

21.11.2018 18:00

Martina Münch, Architektin, Abteilungsleiterin Gestaltung Stadtraum Verkehr im Planungsamt des BVD, Basel
‘Projekte für den öffentlichen Raum der Stadt Basel’

MARTINA MÜNCH, born in 1964, grew up in Riehen. She studied architecture at ETH Zurich and graduated in 1989. From 1989-93 she worked as an architect in various architectural offices. Since 1993 in the Planning Office at the Department of Construction and Transport, Head of the Department of Urban Transport Design in Basel. The department is responsible for preparing preliminary designs for the public space of the city of Basel and the corresponding financial proposals to the parliament. The responsibility is the design for alleys, streets and squares. New tramline public transport projects, such as the extension to France, are just as much a part of the job as the development of mission statements and concepts, for example the design concept for the city center of Basel.