PublicSpace No.6

12.09.2018 18:00

Daniel Fuhrhop, Architekturexperte, Autor, Oldenburg
'Raumwunder für das Stadtviertel: Wie das Private ins Politische wirkt‘

DANIEL FUHRHOP. He was born in Paris in 1967, studied architecture in Berlin from 1989 and graduated in business administration. In 1998, Daniel Fuhrhop founded the Stadtwandel Verlag and presented a series of publications on new buildings 'Die Neue Architekturführer‘. As an architectural publisher, Daniel Fuhrhop came to the conclusion that we should not build anymore. Over time, Fuhrhop became even more critical of new buildings and sold the publisher in 2013. In 2015, his book ‚Prohibition of Building' appeared; he runs a blog of the same name. 2016 followed 'Welcome City. Where refugees live and cities come alive', 2018 ‚Just live differently'. Daniel Fuhrhop lives in Oldenburg.