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Design of common habitat for learning and living for the future

School buildings, with their interior and exterior spaces, are everyday and fundamentally important for life and education. They influence learning and teaching.

Schulbau Forum Nordwestschweiz

School buildings with their interior and exterior spaces are fundamentally important commonplaces for our education and life. They influence learning and teaching. School, architecture and community need to capture these relationships together and with the planning and construction of educational facilities at the same time connecting interdisciplinary.

Duration October 31th 2013 until June 13th 2014

Currently, many schools are rebuilt or re-created especially due to the Swiss School Harmonization System 'HarmoS'. The space plays an important role in learning for life. Learning space must be obtained from the functions of teaching. Schools and their surrounding neighborhood can benefit from each other as a common network. When planning schools, architecture and the community should work integrated together from the beginning. Still lacks the coordination between educational requirements and architectural space. This applies to education facilities and school buildings from the base level to university.

The 'Schulbau Froum' (school building forum) provides practical knowledge, problem solving approaches, and networking for the renovation and construction of schools and for the design of educational spaces. It promotes advanced teaching methods and an educational organization that includes the municipality, city or district. Interest from schools, architecture and government discuss and understand the interaction of spaces on the one hand and teaching and learning on the other.

'Educational Architecture', Traveling exhibition of Montag Stiftungen
Models, visuals and concepts of best practice schools

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