How we work

What and how and in which rooms will we work in twenty years?

In recent years, rapid technological progress has sparked a broad social debate about the future of work. There seems to be a consensus that the future will see us work in a fundamentally different way than we do today. Attitudes toward the future of work are less uniform, however. Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will mean that much of our work will be done by machines. Many professions that exist today will disappear. However, the upheaval will not only destroy jobs: it will also create new ones.

Flexibility is the magic word in the world of digital working. Thanks to modern communication technologies, it is possible to work from anywhere at any time. A fixed workplace is unnecessary, and, in any event, often remains abandoned, for a variety of reasons. To optimize fixed costs, companies are increasingly tending to optimize their work and office spaces. The number of desks provided is visibly less than the number of employees. What other unusual places of work are there? What and how and in which spaces will we work in twenty years? These questions are explored with 'Work Space' from different angles.

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