WorkSpace No.11

28.11.2019 18:00

Bianca Jankovska, Politologin, freie Autorin, Kolumnistin und Social-Media-Konzepterin, Berlin
'Das Millennial Manifest'

BIANCA JANKOVSKA, born in Vienna in 1991, has been writing on the Internet since Beepworld came into existence. In 2014 she founded the 1st Insta-Mag on the socio-political dimension of social media, office chair terror & pop: groschenphilosophin. On Instagram she discusses weekly the latest developments of the social media bubble and writes the slow media newsletter #badassbynature for everyone who wants to be entertained far away from generic content and instagram esotericism. Her first book 'The Millennial Manifesto' is an ironic account of the digital office chair society and was published in October 2018 by Rowohlt-Verlag. (Photo: Melanie Ziggel)