VeloCity thematisiert das Velo als individuelles Verkehrsmittel in Bezug auf Stadtentwicklung und Architektur.

In 2011, a trip and visit to new neighborhoods and architectures in Copenhagen inspired Christian W. Blaser to come up with the idea of «VeloCity». The enthusiasm for the consistent development of the city, especially with regard to traffic and architecture, as well as the obvious willingness of the population and society to approach this issue experimentally, encouraged us to showcase the bicycle and the city here in Basel in the dialog format of «schauraum-b».

Basel is also one of the top 10 most bike-friendly cities in the world. This situation, the spirit of the city and its political will, have the potential to develop Basel into a cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly city. We believe that Basel is at a turning point with regard to individual transport. In this context, the bicycle represents a great opportunity for the development of the city and its architecture.

Velocity explores the bike as an individual transport mode in terms of urban development and architecture. The exhibition, together with the current buildings of BIG Bjarke Ingels Group from Copenhagen, a dozen single speeds and fixed gear bikes were displayed as art and cult objects.

A series of lectures with speakers from the fields of urban development, architecture, commercial and transport planning complemented the exhibition.